In order to minimize the high time and financial expense of conventional vehicle tests,we have developed automated test stands and product chains. With these, our experienced testing teams can efficiently and quickly carry out all required tests. By outsourcing, our partners can avoid high costs for in-house test personnel, minimize test times and achieve higher test accuracy. Through our many years of experience, we became a leading provider of automated test solutions in the automotive sector.

Test automation has become an essential part in many of our products and services thanks to its exceptional efficiency and reliability. We have complete systems and processes from test execution to test analysis, which covers both individual functions and module integration of the entire vehicle system. The wide range of different applications of test automation shows how universally applicable our solution can be.


The Text Review Tool (TRT) significantly simplifies the evaluation of the tests. The relevant text passages are automatically read from the screenshots generated and summarized. In addition, they can also be classified. In order to ease the evaluation of the texts, an additional screen search function and an automatic error detection is integrated into the TRT. It reports texts that are too long, untranslated or changed.

To guarantee maximum flexibility, all major languages are also supported, including German, English and Chinese (simplified and traditional).


ZD has developed serval test automation projects. One of them is the Speech Dialogue System (SDS), which requires comprehensive and detailed testing for reliable operation. Our test automation solutions have made the testing of massive test scenarios and uses cases possible. Connected ZD Box, test bench and an external sound card, we build up a close loop test procedure. Thus, any possible usage scenario can be tested quickly and efficiently, while external interference is excluded by complete shielding.

Through our SDS test automation solution, the following processes can be executed automatically:

  •  Extract test cases from the system design document
  •  Receive and display dialogs
  •  Execute test cases
  •  Generate test result reports

Even by failed test cases, ZD Box can continue running the test scripts of SDS automatically, which is independent of time and location. In cooperation with the TRT, users can easily edit and modify existing test cases, as well as generate new test cases from the template database for all eventualities. Thus, it is a stable SDS test automation solution with the easiest possibility for debugging.

Our SDS can meet the various testing needs of all kinds of in-vehicle voice control systems. Also, we can customize our solution according to different specifications, which can not only greatly shorten the development time, improve efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, as well as bring a more smooth in-vehicle experience to the end customer.


The Human Machine Interface Test Automation project is using machine learning method to determine the HMI screen‘s structure of in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system. As being developed based on the OCR technology, it takes screenshot for various languages automatically by running predefined script. In cooperation with the external tool TRT, it is able to review untranslated text and generate screenshot script. Besides, we built macro function in our HMI Test automation system, so that it can imitate user‘s action on the screen and conduct testing for this.


Our simulation tool ZD Box can be integrated into the complete system to simulate each point under the above basic concept architecture and provides the ECU simulation data. This structure can be used to perform test automation solutions, increasing the performance of testing activities and reducing the development period. Hence, it is an ideal solution for increasing the business concept design with the following features:

Simulation with flexible configuration files

Interface simulation of different function modules via configuration file

Business logic simulation of different function modules via configuration file

End-to-End Testing

End2End function automation testing

Trace monitoring system on each connection point

Software & Hardware in the loop

Single target hardware in the simulated environment

Full coverage of different module function testing

Reduce the cost and risk of testing in real vehicle


Shortening the development period

Increasing the performance of testing activities with intelligent automation testing solutions

Reducing costs and risks of tests in real vehicles


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