IT services for vehicles are one of our key competences. Therefore, we have built up a specialized team with our long-term experience, which offers comprehensive IT services for various industries. Our portfolio includes the development of software in vehicles as well as for external systems. In addition we also provide the development of apps, entertainment functions and interfaces.


We have already completed more than 100 software projects in the automotive sector, which has enabled us to build up excellent know-how in the field of automotive software. To give an insight into our broad range of software development services, we have selected four exemplary projects.

1. Intelligent Navigation:

We have extended the concept of classic navigation and adapted it to today’s requirements. For example, route guidance now also takes into account traffic, the parking situation and charging points for electric vehicles in order to suggest the perfect route to the user.

2. Interior Lighting Control

To ensure that the vehicle is always illuminated in line with the ambiance, we have taken lighting control to a new level. With our solution, the customer can choose from a variety of colors and brightness levels to individually adjust the lighting in the interior to his mood via app or vehicle control.

3. Radio Song Identification

This smart software allows the driver to get more information about the songs played while driving, for example the title, artist and album can be displayed. If required, the system is also capable of saving the song being played.

4. Coach on Demand

This function is an assistant that supports the driver in all situations. It explains the functions of the car at first use, networks the customer with other drivers of the model, knows the appropriate dealers and workshops, reminds them of maintenance and inspections and can identify problems with the vehicle. This makes the Coach on Demand the ideal assistant to support the customer.

Our software development is designed for both comfortable and safe driving. Therefore, we design our software in such a way that the driver is distracted as little as possible from what is happening on the road. For example, the fonts used for navigation and infotainment systems are individually adapted to the design language of the car manufacturers and the external circumstances.


In the mobile age, apps are the most intuitive and easiest way to quickly access data and easily control processes. That’s why we offer custom-made solutions for Android and iOS, which are exactly fitted for our customers. In order to be able to proceed with the greatest care and precision, we have developed a five-step concept:

  • Solution design
  • Planning of the system structure
  • Development
  • Introduction
  • Customer service

We support this process with a customized needs analysis, technical advice and optimal service. This enables us to guarantee that apps developed by us meet the highest standards of security, compatibility and functionality.


ZD Automotive provides OEMs with excellent vehicle software products, including a series of efficient software development projects such as intelligent navigation, vehicle status reports, remote control, parking assistants, etc. Here you can learn more about our references.


CarLife is a software solution from Baidu, which is the Chinese counterpart to Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto. This cross-platform infotainment solution enables the connection of Android and iOS devices to the vehicle’s own multimedia system. We took care of the seamless integration of CarLife into the infotainment systems of the OEMs and were abled to adapte the IVI apps for the features of CarLife, which includes:

  • Navigation App (Voice input & intelligent broadcast, HMI interface design, data connection, high precision navigation)
  • Multimedia music app (Play local music, listen to music or radio online, support third-party service access)
  • Voice call (make calls & receive calls, check phone’s address book synchronously, check call history)


The infotainment system in modern vehicles should not only provide safety and information for drivers, but also entertain passengers. Our modern livestream solution is a completely new approach to this. With three different cameras, which film the passengers as well as the landscape and surroundings, the journey can be shared with friends, relatives or followers on social media profiles. In this way, particularly beautiful moments, views and journeys can be captured.

ZD Automotive has developed the technical basis for this. The cameras communicate via the vehicle’s own multimedia interface with the specially developed app, which enables sharing, recording and viewing.


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