ZD Box 2i Software VBT

To address the need for efficient and easy-to-use bus simulation and monitoring, the brand-new desktop software of ZD Box 2i, VBT(Vehicle Bus Tool)has been launched. This software has been greatly improved in terms of performance and usability. In addition, the new offline analysis function based on standard bus record files has been added, which can be used in conjunction with the ZD Datalogger Series. Customers can use the tool chain provided by ZD in the full scene of bus data logging and simulation.


  • Intuitive User Interface: Simulation projects set up via bus topologyDesign minimization, emphasizing the area of use; Differentiation of offline and online status with multiple indicators
  • High Performance: High throughput framework; High concurrency and heterogeneous bus simulation and monitoring
  • Programmable Script: Integrating of custom data processing algorithms through scripts; Easy deployment into existing systems through a Python-based SDK
  • Data Parsing and Analysis: Bus files, such as DBC, ARXML, etc.; Bus formats like ASC, BLF, MF4, PCAP; Raw Frame and parsing at the signal level
  • High-level protocols: UDS; CCP/XCP; SOME/IP;BAP and other OEM specific protocols
  • Multimedia: Graphical signal display; Synchronous display of video data and audio data as well as bus data


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