The TraceViewer is our customized software for the processing of trace data. All important formats, such as CAN, BAP, esoTrace and VIWI can be viewed, recorded and analyzed. This works in real time, connected to the ZD Box, as well as offline for already recorded traces. Data from sources other than theZD Box is also supported.

Efficient processing is ensured by the synchronous display of several traces from different sources, even with shifted time stamps despite simultaneous recording. This is due to the time offset, which means that, for example, a shifted esoTrace and a CAN trace can be displayed in parallel and synchronized with each other, and analysis of the traces is significantly simplified. Further comfort features are the options for coloring and filtering the traces.

System: Windows
Formats: CAN, BAP, esoTrace, VIWI
Time-synchronous display
Online & Offline
Splitting Traces
Price Request

In order to transform the delivered raw data into comprehensible user data, TraceViewer enables the integration of databases for CAN and BAP traces. In addition, a graphical user interface is offered for VIWI, with which POST, GET and subscription functions can be used comfortably. Large traces can also be split up with TraceViewer into many small ones, which significantly reduces memory requirements and loading times. With all these features TraceViewer, especially in combination with the ZD Box, is the ideal solution to make trace analysis as efficient and effective as possible.


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