ZD Box is a high-performance vehicle simulation and testing platform. It can simulate various bus signals, V2X functions, as well as log vehicle data.


Product features
Product name: ZD Box 2
Measurements: 190x170x63 mm
Material: Aluminium
Weight: 586 g
Highly Flexible
Price Request
2 × Gigabit Ethernet 3 x Digital I/O
4 × 100/1000Base-T1 1 x Speaker & 1 x Microphone
4 × LIN WiFi
4 × Serial 1 x TF & 1 x SIM Card Slot
1 x FlexRay (Optional) M.2 SSD (Optional: 500 GB/1 TB/2 TB)
1 x Ethernet Management LTE/5G (Optional)
3 x USB 3.0 & 2 x USB 2.0 GNSS (Optional)


  • Integrated hardware and software solution for test automation
  • Supports simulation of common automotive bus systems & protocol: LIN, CAN/CAN FD, FlexRay (A&B), Ethernet, SOME/IP, BAP
  • Analysis and storage of traces and ECU Logs
  • Integrated Android testing framework
  • Image processing and OCR
  • Web UI and desktop software
  • RESTful API and SDK based on microservice
  • Automated offline test case execution
  • Deployment and Solution
    • Seamless integration with ZD Datalogger and ZD DataCloud – ZD Big data solution
    • ZD TestServer/ZD VirtualLab


ZD Box 2 is designed for automotive R&D, which can assist OEMs in performing Xil (Hardware in the loop & Software in the loop) testing at different stages of development. As a test automation executor and interface, the device can be equipped withZD’s test automation system or integrated into any existing system to improve test efficiency and ensure test quality. With the supportingTestCase IDE, users can easily generate test scripts for a smooth test execution.

The remote access function of ZD Box 2 allows users to access ZD Box-equipped test benches through the ZD VirtualLab, meeting the need for centralized management of large-scale test automation. In addition, further functions can be required during the lifetime of the ZD Box 2 by means of Licenses. The device can be customized according to individual requirements to improve cost efficiency.

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Product features
Product name: ZD Box
Measurements: 145x65x88 mm
Material: Aluminium
Weight: 600 g
Highly Flexible
Price Request

4 × CAN 1 x USB 2.0
1 × Ethernet RJ45 2 x USB 3.0
1 × HDMI 1 × SD Card Slot
1 × BroardR-Reach (Optional) LTE/WIFI
Supports BAP LIN SERIAL ESOTRACE DLT SOME/IP FlexRay (A&B) (optional)


  • No software installation needed
  • Independent licenses
  • Customizable user interface
  • Remote access via http/ftp, also optimized for mobile devices
  • OTA updates
  • Integrated interface for test automation
  • Multi-user support
  • Flexible use, as mobile station or stationary computer
  • Can be extended according to customer requirements


The ZD Box supports CRC and RESTful API/SDK, as well as the simulation of BAP-ECU & CAN signals. Together with the controllers high-level simulation protocols, this enables real-time tracing and trace analysis of CAN, BAP, Ethernet and Serial Traces. The ZD Box is also compatible with various data formats, such as Vector CANoe. To make testing even easier, the acquired signals can also be copied to monitor the current ECU state via live CAN communication. This works both in test setups and in real vehicles.

Simulations with the ZD Box

Infotainment systems are becoming more and more complex and feature-rich, which is why testing the functions is also becoming more expensive. That’s why we developed the ZD Box, with which various functions can be tested quickly and easily. In order to be able to test different scenarios during the tests, the simulation software allows the adjustment of various parameters such as the actual gear, target gear, oil pressure and much more.

RTM Simulation

The ZD Box is also able to perform RTM simulations. Settings for simulation, mileage and driving force can be made directly. In this way, real vehicle environments can be simulated, which deliver equivalent results with minimal effort as non-simulated tests. Of course, this data can also be exported directly to further optimize vehicles and tests.

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