Signal generators are important components of vehicle simulations based on powerful microprocessors. They can send, receive and convert CAN signals to simulate a variety of use cases. In addition to vehicle simulations, signal generators can be used in the design and test of electronic devices and the development of on-board electronics. Depending on customer requirements, the signal generators can be individualized to enable even more functions.

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Product features
Product name: Dual Bus
Measurements: 175x115x65 mm
Material: Aluminium
Weight: 650 g
Highly flexible
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The Dual Bus has two CAN lines that support direct conversion and output of the received CAN signal. It has a particularly compact and robust design and can therefore be easily integrated into simulations. The signal generator can also be connected directly to the test bench or to a car. It is based on an exceptionally powerful microprocessor that supports fast encryption and decryption to support flexible and secure application scenarios.


Product features
Product name: Flexray
Measurements: 147x71x51 mm
Material: Aluminium
Weight: 230 g
Highly flexible
Price Request

The signal generator supports the interfaces Flexray (A&B), LIN and CAN, which enable ECU simulations, message filtering and processing and various gateway functions. The signal generator can forward messages between all bus interfaces and thus also functions as a connecting element between connected objects. Both hardware and software are designed for all application scenarios in the vehicle, including quiescent management via CAN and Flexray and the extended input voltage range.

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