ZD Automotive is specialized in three areas of automotive development, in which we are among the world’s leading suppliers. We convince through our professional and competent work. As a service provider, we are able to fulfil individual customer requests as well as manufacture first-class products and offer a wide range of solutions in these areas.



Infotainment is an artificial word that is a combination of “information” and “entertainment”. It is the vehicle’s media center, in which both vehicle-internal data and information from Internet services, smartphones and more can be processed and displayed. In addition to classic features such as communication, music and navigation, other functions such as games, streaming, video recording and driver assistance systems can be integrated to ensure comfortable and safe driving.

In order to meet the increasing requirements for information, entertainment and safety in the car, the range of features of infotainment systems is constantly growing. As experts in this field, we have excellent specialist knowledge and extensive project experience in the development, simulation, testing and verification of infotainment systems. Our R&D team includes highly qualified software developers who develop innovative and individual solutions based on customer requirements.

Our implemented software solutions include a number of infotainment apps and projects that we have developed and tested for major OEMs. Our wide-ranging experience and expertise enable us to ensure that infotainment systems function reliably at all times and in all situations, making driving more comfortable and safer. We have already successfully developed projects in the following areas:

  • System software
  • System modules
  • Vehicle system module integration
  • Telematics
  • Navigation systems
  • Speech recognition systems
  • Apps and smartphone connection

Autonomous driving

Autonomous driving is one of the biggest developments in the automotive industry. The challenges for fully autonomous driving are so great that no manufacturer can solve them on their own. ZD Automotive supports the major OEMs to achieve their ambitious goals with innovative and advanced test systems and solutions.

Our services include the development of the driver assistance system architecture, the conception of the environmental sensors, the hardware selection, the processing of the sensor information and the data combination as well as the development of the control system for all types of actuators. Through flexible development phases and solutions, we guarantee the highest accuracy and safety of the autonomous driving system.

Currently, the systems designed by ZD include traditional driver assistance systems of level 1, partial automated systems of level 2 and the most recent systems of level 3 on automated vehicles. Features such as proximity cruise control, lane departure warning, lane change assistant and parking assistance can be implemented through our technology to provide the most comfortable driving experience.


In the future, Vehicle-to-X technology (V2X) will fundamentally change mobility by enabling the exchange of information between vehicles and their environment. The vehicles communicate with each other (V2V), with pedestrians (V2P) and with the vehicle infrastructure (V2I).

Via V2X, vehicles can access all environmental and traffic information, such as traffic volume and road conditions, at any time. Simultaneously, the vehicles act as an active data source, exchanging anonymous information with other road users in real time. Traffic jams, accidents, people on the road and other obstacles are thus reported in a timely manner to all road users in the surrounding area, making overall mobility even safer, more efficient and easier to plan.

ZD supports its customers in the development, verification and system integration of V2X solutions into the vehicle. Our services include designing, planning, developing and implementing, as well as providing the system architecture. With the signal simulation function of the ZD Box, we have created an innovative simulation platform for our customers, which is suitable for all tests of V2X systems and can examine various possible scenarios.


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