Congratulations to our colleagues Bin Sun in China and Shixuan Chen in Germany for the certification of their patented technology. With the modernization of motorcoaches and the popularity of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and autonomous driving, there is a need for data loggers for testing motorcoaches with high bandwidth, high capacity and fast transmission, i.e., data loggers that support high concurrent bandwidth throughput and high-capacity persistent storage. After recording, data is downloaded from the data logging device and transferred to an external analysis unit for data analysis.

Efficient and timely data transfer can greatly reduce the waiting time of test analysts and improve the efficiency of work and equipment operation, so high-speed data download is an important design indicator for the new generation of automotive bus data loggers.

The advantage of our invention is that the storage media of the data logger can be built-in, avoiding the problems of large size and low reliability of pluggable memory solutions, and also being able to support high-speed downloading of memory data independently of the recording device.

• It is not limited by the processor capacity of the data logger itself
• Data can be downloaded and transferred both when the data logger is on and off
• High performance data transfer with the same bandwidth as the physical plug-in method.

We are glad that our colleagues like their work and have achieved professional results.

Shixuan Chen (left) and CEO Qiang Zhou:

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