Yujin was assigned as an intern at ZD in the development department. She lived in one of our company apartments during this time. Her responsibilities included software development, which are basic examples. She also transferred the macro service from ZD Box 1 to ZD Box 2, worked on the WebGUI of BAP Simulation, and formulated functional requirements for the daemon and some essential services in the Datalogger.

Name: Yujin Wang Jobtitle: Software Development Internship
Department: Development, Großmehring site, GE With ZD since: 01.03.2022 – 31.08.2022
Hochschule: University Darmstadt Studiengang: Electrical Engineering and IT, Master

What was your area of responsibility?

My main job was in software development. I transplanted the macro service from ZD Box1 to ZD Box2, worked on the WebGUI of BAP Simulation, and formulated functional requirements for daemon and some essential services in datalogger.

Why did you decide to work at ZD?

Here I could improve my skill in the software development field, learned more about in-vehicle communication, and extended a direction to my future career.

What did you like best about your job?

When I met some problems, my colleagues were always very kind to help me. At first, I did not know what RESTful is and how to use postman. Huiyu and Wenjie helped me a lot. They lead me to understand how I can read a service file faster. And when I met some IT technical problems, Harry always helped me for the first time.

What was your best moment at ZD?

I met some brilliant people, they are full of work experience and gave me a lot of good advice. And I also made many friends here. I enjoyed sharing my spare time with Shuwen, Lu lu, and others. We played Wink Killer and many other games and had a fun time.

What did you learn during your job?

Before I came, I did not know the exact work of full stack, backend, and frontend. But now, I can clearly distinguish these three, and I find a specific part I want to work on in the future. I also have learned JavaScript/TypeScript and React in the past six months.

What do you generally find good about being a student at ZD?

As a student, I can participate in a lot of different work and have a comprehensive understanding of software development. That makes me think wonderful. Another thing is that the company provides an apartment to live in for the intern students. It is convenient for me, who is only staying here for six months.

At this point we would like to thank Yujin Wang for the interview and her work with us in the development. If you are interested in any jobs with us, you will find open positions in this Overview.

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