On December 21, 2021, new branch of ZD Automotive in Hefei, China was officially opened! It is located in Greenland Centre in Baohe District, with excellent transportation access and a wide range of working and living facilities in the surrounding area. The new office is fully equipped with all internal facilities to provide our employees with maximum comfort in the office environment.

The Hefei office has already implemented some of ZD Automotive’s core competencies on site, such as digital cockpit, autonomous driving and V2X. Our team mainly consists of experienced employees working accordingly in software development, testing services and commercial promotion.

After the first stop in Germany, ZD Automotive has already established subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing. So why did you choose Hefei as the fourth stop? What is the significance of this decision as far as ZD Automotive’s strategy is concerned?

To ensure close contact and communication with our customers and to further expand our business, we have been striving to build a global technical service team since the establishment of ZD Automotive. The new Hefei office is also an important part of ZD Automotive’s globalization.

In August 2021, Hefei was successfully selected as a pilot city in the category of comprehensive application. This also means Hefei has already achieved certain advantages in the emerging industry of new energy vehicles. Specifically, this is mainly reflected in the following points:

A complete chain of the new energy vehicle industry.

Hefei is home to a number of excellent new energy vehicle enterprises. ZD Automotive is confident of becoming one of them, providing the relevant technical support in the form of software and hardware.

A cluster of intelligent connected vehicle industry is emerging.

Hefei is able to build a corresponding service platform around the five key elements of vehicle, road, cloud, network and map. ZD Automotive has maintained advanced technology in software development, strengthened its own technology development and actively attracted talents, making it competitive in the connected industry services.

The design of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles has been accelerated.

Hefei has formed a relatively complete fuel cell vehicle industrial chain with good interaction between upstream and downstream enterprises. The high-quality and positive industrial chain is one of the main reasons why ZD Automotive has settled in Hefei.

The construction of an industrial support and innovation platform has been achieved.

At present, the automotive industry in Hefei has seven national platforms, including the National Center for Industrial Design. This also represents a certain advantage in terms of talents. ZD Research and POC project have focused on various innovation topics and R&D projects. We not only support customers in R&D technology, but also provide suitable and customized solutions for their projects in terms of commercial operation.

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