We also revised our popular test bench for test automation and designed it with a focus on maximum flexibility. The Automation G3 is the basis for a wide range of test automation options that enable our customers to efficiently test new systems and support development.

Test bench Automation G3

An outstanding feature of the test setup is the minimally configured basic equipment. This low-cost solution allows the setup to be individually equipped with the required hardware and exchanged as needed. This makes the Automation G3 ideal for integration into existing systems. Of course, we also offer variants equipped and preconfigured according to customer requirements, which form the basis for powerful test automation.


Due to its flexible structure, the test setup can basically be extended with all devices – almost unlimited components can thus be integrated into the test automation. The most important and popular extensions are the Datalogger 2F, ZD-Link 1000, ZD-Converter 1000, ZD-Shifter SU12 and the ZD Box. With this equipment, complex test automations can be realized as well as data can be converted and evaluated.

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