A turbulent year is coming to an end, which we would like to review here. There were a lot of exciting and new things at ZD Automotive, which we want to share with you. But let’s start at the beginning:

New Software

As specialists in software development, we are particularly proud of our newly developed simulation platform V2X. This enables extensive, realistic test scenarios and thus significantly simplifies work on innovative V2X solutions. Since the simulations save both money and time and also enable new development processes, the platform is very well received by our customers.

New Hardware

Of course, we’ve also expanded our product line this year. With our Link, Converter and Shifter we offer a number of small and handy helpers for data processing. We have also updated and improved some products, such as the Datalogger 2F, and test setups. With this optimized and expanded portfolio we start into the new year, for which we already have some new things planned.

Revised website

Last but not least, of course, we have also thoroughly redesigned our website. In doing so, our innovations are so numerous that we have given the update its own news post.

Company celebration

In summer we had a small company event to celebrate our successful first half year and to welcome our new colleagues, interns and working students at ZD. At the barbecue together and the cozy hours afterwards, we were able to relax and exchange ideas together.

New colleagues & interns

Throughout the year we have been able to welcome new colleagues. In addition, we were able to offer some interns and working students insights into our company and working world. Over time, we will introduce some in more detail here, so you can also get to know the people behind ZD.

Social Media Accounts

Earlier this year, we strengthened our online presence by revamping our social media presence and since then we have been providing exclusive insights into our company there, keeping our followers up to date and enjoying direct communication.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners, customers and readers. Thank you for your support and interest in ZD, we hope your year was also a nice and successful one despite the pandemic. We are looking forward to 2021 together with you!

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