The prestigious International Mobility Show Germany (IAA) was held in Munich from September 7 to 12, 2021. Since several major auto shows in Europe have been suspended due to Coronavirus, as the first offline auto show the IAA Mobility is especially precious, which has moved from Frankfurt to Munich this time. More than 700 vehicle manufacturers, component suppliers and information technology providers from all over the world showed latest innovation, carbon neutral products and digitalization solutions here, presenting their thoughts on the future of mobility to the public.

ZD Automotive was invited by Ingolstadt to attend the joint booth of the city with the theme of “Future Mobility Solutions”. We have presented more than ten products and solutions. CEO Zhou Qiang has been to the booth to have intensive technical communication and business talks with the public. In addition to cooperation partners, the delegation of Bavarian state government visited our booth. Our products were able to convince with their design, the processing quality and the advanced technologies.

The Future of Mobility

In 2019, the new headquarters, R&D center of ZD, was officially put into operation in Großmehring. As a representative of outstanding enterprises in automotive industry, ZD was invited by Ingolstadt City to present the future of mobility in the IAA together. To better illustrate this theme, we presented research results in three major fields: digitalization, autonomous driving and intelligent networking. We showed exciting products and outlined the future-oriented innovative technology path of automation, connectivity and personalization to convey our vision of future mobility to the audience.

The displayed products included vehicle simulation testing tool – ZD Box 2, datalogger with optimal Cloud connection – ZD Datalogger 2F, comprehensive vehicle signal processing peripheral products ZD-Link 1000, ZD-Converter 1000, ZD-Converter 1500 and ZD-Converter 2000, ZD-Signalgenerator FlexRay, etc. In addition, we also presented our advanced solutions such as test automation, ZD DataCloud, and V2X Simulation Platform solutions at IAA.

During the IAA Mobility, ZD received many professional visitors from OEMs and industry component manufacturers, who showed great interest in ZD’s self-developed products. ZD’s star products ZD Box 2 and ZD Datalogger 2F became the focus of the audience’s attention. These two products focus on data services and test automation implementation in the era of connectivity, directly addressing the core needs of the current digital transformation of OEMs.

Implementation of V2X

At the IAA Mobility, ZD presented innovative V2X solution, which is one of the key technologies indispensable for future connectivity. ZD has always been at the forefront of the industry in the field of vehicle-road collaboration. ZD’s V2X solution provides a simulation environment including simulation test equipment, supporting test tools and simulation platform for testing and optimization, which can replace real vehicle testing and reduces testing costs.

Our V2X solution has already been applied in OEMs. Currently, ZD is cooperating with TUM International GmbH to promote the implementation and industrialization of V2X and other modern technologies in China and Germany by jointly building an innovation center and a scientific service platform.

At the display area of the V2X solution, there was a constant stream of visitors inquiring. ZD’s idea of industry-university-research collaborations has injected new momentum into the automotive industry. Our one-stop solution based on V2X communication technology has been affirmed by the industry. After visiting, many university officials expressed their willingness to cooperate. CEO Zhou Qiang said that ZD is willing to work with more partners to jointly empower the development of V2X.

Visit of Government Delegations

On September 9, ZD welcomed a special guest – Mr. Roland Weigert, State Secretary in the Bavarian Ministry of Economy Affairs, Regional Development and Energy. Mr. Weigert, who had visited our headquarter two years ago, recognized ZD’s products immediately at the booth. He said that he was very impressed by the last visit during the Sino-German Automobile Conference and was very happy to see that the company is now moving to an even bigger stage.

Mr. Weigert asked about the development status of ZD during the pandemic and asked CEO Zhou Qiang about the next development plan and process o the company. Mr. Zhou said that during the pandemic, ZD has taken advantage of the Sino-German opportunity to achieve growth against the trend. While upgrading our product system, we also continued to expand the business scope.

Mr. Zhou also introduced the cooperation with the TUM International GmbH at the end of 2020 to establish an innovation center to promote the investment and cooperation in scientific research between Chinese and German research. While acknowledging the company’s development, Mr. Weigert also praised ZD’s contribution to Sino-German cooperation and wished ZD to maintain its strong momentum and rise steadily.

Looking into the future direction of intelligence, digitalization, globalization and sustainable development, ZD has been upgrading its product system to meet the needs of its customers, while interpreting its vision for the future of mobility. Together with our partners, we will promote the connectivity and drive the implementation of the new technology in the automotive industry.

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