To help you get to know the people behind ZD, we introduce you to our employees, working students and interns. Zhengkun Li and Xiaoyu Feng gave us a little insight into their internship and their experiences at ZD:

Name: Zhengkun LiJobtitel: Intern
Abteilung: Research & DevelopmentDauer der Tätigkeit: 01.01.2021 – 30.06.2021

Was What is your area of responsibility?

My area of responsibility includes software and hardware development, so that I work with the programming languages C, C++ and python. I am also responsible for the embedded system and hardware debugging.

Why did you decide for an internship/working student job at ZD?

Die ArThe work in ZD Automotive corresponds especially to my study. Because I have learned much The work in ZD Automotive corresponds especially to my study. Because I have learned much about communication networks, software development and AI during my studies, it was very important for me to put theory into practice.

What do you like most about your job?

I can benefit much from the experience of my colleagues and implement it in my own work, which is my favourite part of the job. I also enjoy the interaction between software and hardware development, for example, helping to develop a signal generator. It makes me proud that I was able to implement such a large project.

What was your best experience at ZD?

At the beginning, every task looked very complicated for me. Anyway, I eventually mastered them, through which I was able to strengthen my own sense of self.

WIs there something new that you have learnt during the intern?

Ich habe neue Kenntnisse im Automotivebereich gewonnen. Zum Beispiel wie man ein I gained some nI gained some new knowledge in the automotive field. For example, how to integrate a communication network. My programming skills in software development have also improved.

How do you like the corporate culture?

Very good, the working atmosphere is relaxed, which is something I really like.

Name: Xiaoyu FengJobtitel: Intern
Abteilung: Research & DevelopmentDauer der Tätigkeit: 01.07.2021 – 31.12.2021

What is your area of responsibility?

I am mainly responsible for assisting the developers with some tasks, such as implementing or testing scripts, and cataloging some characteristics of products.

Why did you decide to become an intern in ZD?

My friend, Zhengkun, has recommended me the post. He was also an intern in ZD, who is now a working student. Then I searched the ZD website. After I carefully read the description of the company, I immediately decided to come to ZD.

What do you like most about your job?

My favorite work content is about signal generator that I am working on, from hardware to software. It refers to such a compound project, which is not so complicated but wide-ranging, maintainable, and scalable. It is a completed project that is more than an exercise of a school project, which only some of the functions were implemented.

What was your best experience at ZD?

Die beste Erfahrung war das Schreiben von API-Dokumentation und Testskripten mit zwei meiner Praktikantenfreunde. Zwischendurch stießen wir auf Probleme mit der Übergabe von Parametern durch The most wonderful experience was writing the API-documents and test scripts with my two friends, who are also interns in ZD. During that time, we encountered some problems when handing over the interface through parameters. But after consulting with colleagues, we have written a complete test script and a document for the interface. Through the mentoring, we have also learned how to write SWAG-Documents.

Is there something new that you have learnt during the intern?

II have learned about the architecture of networks in auto and the use of Nodejs in the enterprise.

At this point we would like to thank Zhengkun Li and Xiaoyu Feng for the interview and their work with us in the development and wish them all the best for their future! If you are interested in an internship with us now, you will always find all open positions in this overview.

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