On October 11, 2021, the new office of our Shanghai Branch was officially opened in a warm and grand atmosphere. Mr. Qiang Zhou, CEO of ZD, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Mr. Zhou said that the opening of the new office marks a new stage of development for the Shanghai office. The new office will provide a more convenient, comfortable and professional office environment for the employees. He hoped that everyone can work happily and efficiently to meet new challenges as well as provide better products and services to our customers and partners.

A New Start, a New Leap

This year is the fifth year that ZD Shanghai Branch was formally established. The opening of the new office not only provides a comfortable working environment for the staff, but also lays a solid foundation for the company’s further development. The significance of the move to a new location in Shanghai, as CEO Mr. Zhou said in his speech, “The opening of the new office is not only a new leap, but also a new starting point for development. ZD Shanghai will set out here again, give full play to its own advantages, keep pace with the development of the times, closely follow the actual needs of customers and step into a new journey with a brand-new attitude. “

The new office is located in Jihui Building, Wusong Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai. The owner warmly welcomed the move of ZD Shanghai Branch and said that it will bring more vitality to this vibrant area. He believed that ZD’s innovative, efficient and specialized products and services will help more enterprises to carry out technological transformation and create a bright future together.

Witnessing the Important Moment

The opening ceremony of the new office was a wonderful event, especially when Mr. Zhou handed out the “Open Door Red Packet”, which drew a warm response from the staff.

All members in Shanghai and MR. Zhou also visited the layout of the new office together and stopped for a long time in front of the corporate culture wall. The cultural wall brought together the personal life photos and elaborate landscape photos of colleagues from various departments, which showed the enthusiasm, self-confidence and upward spirit of the employees and added a beautiful “scenery” to the daily working environment.

From planning, site selection, decoration to moving, in the past few months, colleagues from different departments of ZD Shanghai Branch cooperated in different ways to achieve the opening of the new office as scheduled. The newly opened office has a spacious office area, an open reception area and several multimedia meeting rooms, as well as product display cabinets, which integrates office, display, training and meeting functions, demonstrating a professional corporate image.

The wider and more modern office environment marks a new step in the company’s strategic development and demonstrates the confidence and expectation of ZD’s employees for the future of the company.

On the day of the ceremony, all the employees of ZD Shanghai Branch and CEO Mr. Zhou Qiang took a precious “family photo”. The moment framed by light and shadow not only left the most treasured memories for each participating colleague, but also became an important testimony to the cohesiveness and progress of ZD.

Looking ahead into the Future

Although the Shanghai Branch had a difficult period at the beginning, we have successfully convinced customers with high-quality projects and services and experienced a steady growth in the past five years. With the continuous growth of business, more staff have joined this big family. The opening ceremony witnessed the rapid development and prosperity of the company since its establishment. It was a new milestone and a new leap in the development path of ZD Shanghai Branch.

With the opening of the new office, the Shanghai branch will further expand its technical and service team, enhance product development and service strength, to accelerate the company’s development. In the new office environment, ZD Shanghai will further improve its cohesiveness and competitiveness with a new posture. We will work together with more partners to better serve our customers in East China.

Here, we sincerely welcome all customers and partners to visit our new Shanghai branch! We welcome you to experience the new value experience that a professional company in automotive solutions brings to the future mobility.

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