ZD-SafeLink ETH

ZD-SafeLink ETH

Due to the point-to-point characteristic of Automotive Ethernet, the integration of datalogger in the vehicle can be challenging because of the complex cable reconstruction work. In addition, the risk of ethernet connection failure due to test equipment failure can also affect overall vehicle functions. ZD Automotive releases an interface product, ZD-SafeLink ETH. SafeLink maintains a normal connection to the 4 Automotive Ethernet in the vehicle through a passive reset design. When it is necessary to connect to test devices in application scenarios, the two interfaces of each Automotive Ethernet can be switched to the test device as needed. It can be widely applied to all scenarios requiring Automotive Ethernet of data acquisition, avoiding complex wiring harnesses. At the same time, in combination with the ZD Datalogger3 Series, SafeLink can actively reset the Automotive Ethernet link to the original vehicle communication when the datalogger diagnoses a system error.

Product features
Product name: ZD-SafeLink ETH
Measurements: 165x175x55 mm
Material: Aluminium
Weight: 800 g
Highly Flexible
Price Request


  • Up to 8 pairs (4 channels) of Automotive Ethernet
  • LED indicators (link status in real time)
  • Passive PoE
  • Different link mode via DIP switches
  • Hardwired control for external device synchronization and emergency triggering
  • Programmable Control with USB serial
  • Expansion by cascading multiple units


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