Test automation is the most convenient solution for testing many different features in detailed form in a short time. We have developed the Virtual Lab to be able to process and analyze the large amount of data from the test devices. The cloud-based software is designed to process large, complex data sets and, thanks to its optimized interface, can provide both a quick overview of the results and detailed analysis to help identify problems. The program allows tests in physical labs and on site to be replaced by a digital solution, saving users time, money and space. This makes the Virtual Lab in combination with test automation the perfect combination to support development and optimization.


  • High Compatibility
  • The Virtual Lab is a platform that is compatible with a number of products such as the ZD-Box, ZD-Datalogger and signal generators. This allows users to perform different types of vehicle bus simulation and control of all common bus systems like CAN, LIN and Flexray. The modern and user-friendly interface also allows a quick start with the software and the intuitive design facilitates the work with traces and tests.

  • High-Performance Automation
  • Users can record an automated test script in the Virtual Lab. This can be used to automatically test infotainment system test cases with features such as text, voice and navigation, as well as various vehicle functions. Depending on the user settings, the test tasks are prioritized automatically, as is the analysis of the test results and the generating of test reports.

  • Remote Control
  • The Virtual Lab can be used via the Internet at any time and from anywhere, offering maximum flexibility. For example, administrators can monitor and control test automation in real-time via the ZD Cloud Test Server. Remotely, test modules and processes can be added and removed, new test processes can be designed, and parameters and settings can be changed.

  • Intelligent Cloud
  • In the Virtual Lab, users can control the virtual lab’s test devices from anywhere in the world via the cloud, as well as create new virtual machines. Prioritization of test device allocation is automatic, based on the settings. The cloud services not only allow more flexibility, but also more accuracy and speed in test evaluation through networked test data.

  • Data Mining
  • The Virtual Lab has access to a storage space of several terabytes, which allows the collection and storage of huge amounts of trace files and vehicle data. To ensure that no errors in these data volumes distort the results, we have integrated an advanced artificial intelligence that detects and analyzes errors in classification, verification and feature mining.

Test Automation


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