ADAS/AD Test Validation Solutions

In the ever-advancing automotive industry, Intelligent Driving (ADAS/AD) test and validation solutions play an important role in the continuous advancement of the automotive industry and have become the core technology for improving road safety and driving comfort. Our solutions are dedicated to advancing the development and popularization of autonomous driving technology through advanced testing technologies and validation services. We are able to provide comprehensive end-to-end test solutions for the development of intelligent driving systems, including ADAS/AD data acquisition systems, backfilling data test systems, and ADAS/AD HIL closed-loop simulation systems, to realize the closed-loop validation of the whole chain and ensure the reliability and high-level performance of ADAS systems.


ADAS End-to-End Test Solutions

Our ADAS end-to-end testing solutions are designed to ensure that every component of your system is not only validated and running smoothly in an ideal laboratory environment, but also demonstrates high accuracy and reliability under real-world road conditions. We perform in-depth testing of every function of the system, from sensor accuracy to integrated system response, to ensure that your ADAS system provides the protection and driver support expected in any real-world driving application.

ADAS HiL Testing Solutions

ZD ADAS HiL (Hardware in the Loop) test solution can accurately simulate the complex real vehicle operating environment, perform the integration test between the automatic driving controller and other vehicle systems, and at the same time perform the detailed test of the driver’s human-machine interface, so as to comprehensively improve the user experience of the ADAS system.


Validating Perception Algorithms

Accurate Machine Learning Perception: As the nerve center of autonomous driving, perception relies on advanced machine learning algorithms. Extensive data annotation and ground truth simulations ensure that the perception system is able to accurately interpret environmental data. Further algorithmic processing and tracking techniques ensure responsiveness while meeting the most stringent safety standards.

SIL Planning and Control Algorithm Validation

Efficient integration of simulation software: In the core validation phase of planning and control algorithms, we use industry-leading simulation software such as dSPACE, VTD, Carmaker, 51-simone, and Pilot-D to ensure that the performance of your ADAS system in the virtual environment matches the real situation, to provide accurate validation services for your algorithm, and to ensure stable operation under real road conditions. Stable operation in real-world road conditions.

Automotive ADAS testing

Comprehensive in-vehicle validation services: In the final acceptance phase of an automated driving system, in-vehicle testing is essential. We are able to provide one-stop testing services that combine the most advanced software and hardware technologies and refined testing processes to conduct rigorous in-vehicle testing and provide detailed and accurate test reports that fully meet OEMs’ high standards for functional verification.

We are committed to building the world’s leading full-stack self-developed vehicle test toolchain hardware and software products, providing customers with industry-leading ADAS test and validation services, and ensuring that each service can support the development of customers’ autonomous driving technology and realize the process from commercialization to scale. Our professional and technical team will help you achieve technological breakthroughs and commercial success in the global market. To learn more about our ADAS/AD testing and validation solutions, please contact us, and our team of experts will be happy to assist you.


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