Professional Hardware Customization Service

Companies in the hardware market need different product designs and functions to meet the differentiated needs of users. Independent development by companies may have certain problems in terms of development risk, technical maturity, development cycle and development cost. As a professional hardware product developer, ZD can help customers solve the above problems with our rich professional accumulation and strong technical strength in the fields:

  • Automobil-Bus
  • In-Vehicle-Kommunikation
  • Embedded-Hardware
  • High-Performance Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)
  • High-Speed-Digital-Prozessor
  • Analog-Signal-Prozessor

We have strong customization capabilities for hardware driver and can provide customers with customized high-quality hardware and software systems. We can customize the whole service lifecycle of hardware product development for customers according to their needs, helping them to develop high-quality products, shorten the development cycle, save development costs and reduce development risks.

With a wealth of project experience in hardware product development and testing, we bring in advanced technologies, development models and concepts to help our global customers solve problems in the product development process and demonstrate “ZD Quality” on the world stage. As a dedicated hardware product development consultant, we provide one-stop solutions from hardware design to launch.


Market ResearchThrough market research, the product manager will output a requirements document containing user needs, user pain points, industry competitors, etc. and analyse the solution.

Concept DevelopmentBased on the market demand, a product function description is created to generate a product concept space that can fully meet the user needs and implement it into the product development process. While meeting the needs of users, synergy between software and hardware to ensure that application scenarios, application scope and connection with support equipment of hardware products are unimpeded.

DesignAfter determining the overall concept development plan, hardware schematic design, PCB board design and production, product appearance design and finally industrial and structural design as well as professional signal cable design are carried out. fully considering the strength and reliability of the hardware structure. The design solution takes full account of hardware characteristics such as structural strength and reliability of the hardware structure, electromagnetic interference (EMI), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, conducted emissions (CE) and other electrical characteristics as well as high precision and low tolerance appearance design realised by 3D CAD.

Customer ReviewThe concept design and development plan are submitted to the customer for review. Product the prototype production begins after confirmation by the customer.

Product PrototypingThe abstract ideas, requirements, concepts and designs are transformed into tangible products, which are expressed and produced in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Product TestingWe set up a test environment for our customers and test the product in detail for functionality, performance, interference immunity and fault tolerance. Functional testing is to test all interfaces and module functions of the product; performance testing is to test the stability, reliability and compatibility of the product; anti-interference testing is to test whether the product can operate normally when there are external interference factors; fault tolerance testing is to check whether the product has sufficient protection against abnormal situations.

Product DebuggingDebugging is carried out in response to test feedback results, to solve problems such as faults, insensitivity and instability that occur during the test process, and to ensure that the product quality is worry-free.

Mass Production Quality MonitoringAfter the product testing is completed, small batch trial production is carried out first to ensure the standardization and coordination of the mass production. We improve the work efficiency of all aspects and ensure product quality.

Assistance with CertificationWe help our customers to establish a relatively stable user reputation. ZD help customers to carry out a series of inspections and examinations of their products to obtain the relevant product certificates eventually.


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