Yu-Ling Hsieh, our colleague from the development department, involved in a project in Berlin some time ago. Let’s take a look at what a different kind of work experience she had in Berlin.

Name: Yu-Ling Hsieh Jobtitle: Test engineer / Project manager
Department: Development, Großmehring, DE With ZD: 2020

What is your responsibility?

My job responsibilities are strongly related to testing activities and I know that everything I do is to improve and ensure that the product meets performance targets and customer requirements. The work includes requirement understanding, use case design, test environment preparation, test execution, test result collection and analysis, test tool maintenance…etc., and providing technical support to customers and other ZD colleagues.

Why did you decide to work at ZD?

The initial contact with ZD was because I joined an automated testing project. In this project, I used ZD’s self-developed products ZD-Box and ZD-Datalogger. During the use process, I also had close communication and exchange of opinions with ZD’s R&D engineers. The attention of users, and continuous research and development and continuous improvement of products, so I also decided to join ZD to contribute to products and services.

What do you like best about your job?

Whether as a test engineer or a project manager, I enjoy encountering problems and solving them, The chance to continuously learn and grow through new challenges, experiences, and opportunities.

You are now on the business trip in Berlin, what are the challenges of your current job compared to your previous one?

Working in Berlin is very interesting. Since I work on the client side, I communicate directly with the client every day, so in addition to managing projects, I also need to maintain a good relationship and communication with the client. Secondly, although the working place is in Germany, clients and ZD Berlin team members also come from non-German regions. Therefore, in the process of work and communication, English is mainly used throughout the process, and there are high requirements for English proficiency.

One of your jobs is to work with speech testers of different native languages, any interesting things to share with us?

Many interesting things happen to us every day. Since each team member is from a different country or region, everyone will have their own ideas and exchange opinions on work tasks, from which they can feel the way of thinking in different countries. We have some documents written in Chinese, and there are often some jokes when using translation tools. We also sometimes discuss our respective native languages together, such as Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, etc. I am very happy to meet these colleagues.

Wir danken Yu-Ling Hsieh für das Interview und für ihre Arbeit. If you are interested in any jobs with us, you will find open positions in this overview.


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