Membership of ASAM, OpenAlliance and Autosar – Together we are shaping the future of the automotive industry


We are pleased to announce that we have announced membership in three key industry organizations: they are ASAM (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems), OpenAlliance (One-Pair Ethter-Net) and Autosar (Automotive Open System Architecture). We expect to collaborate with other industry leaders to advance the development and integration of automotive software standards.

ASAM is a non-profit organization that develops and promotes standards for automotive and automation software. OpenAlliance is a group of industry leaders developing common standards for automotive networking and communications. While Autosar is a global development partnership working on open software architectures for automotive electronics.

By joining ASAM, OpenAlliance and Autosar we are committed to driving innovation and standardization in automotive software. We look forward to collaborating with other industry leaders and contributing to the development of common standards and best practices that will benefit the entire automotive ecosystem.

As a member of these organizations, we will have access to a common set of software standards and interfaces. This can help reduce the time and cost of developing new products because the standards are already set, and developers can focus on implementation. By using common standards and interfaces, we can ensure that our products are more compatible with other systems and have a higher quality. This is particularly important in the automotive industry, where a wide range of systems and components need to interact with each other.

We also have access to industry-leading development practices and methodologies. This can help the company stay on the cutting edge of technology and continuously improve its development processes.

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