To help you get to know the people behind ZD, we introduce you to our employees, working students and interns. Our Manager of R&D, Chao Su, gave us a little insight into his work and experiences at ZD.

Name: Chao Su Jobtitel: Manager of R&D
Abteilung: Research and Development Bei ZD seit: 2015

What is your area of responsibility?

I would define the developing strategies and improve the development process of products and projects according to the requirements. I am also responsible for coordinating the development team and making development plans according to the R&D resources. Leading the R&D team to overcome technical difficulties is of course one of my responsibilities.

Why did you decide to work at ZD?

ZD is a VERY global and diversified company, which combining features of Germany and China. What I mean is not only related with two different cultures, but also the different characteristics of technology. In ZD, our R&D departments of the two countries work together, cooperating closely. In recent years, the company’s performance has been improving steadily, one of the important reasons is everyone working here can have fun during their working.

What do you like best about your job?

We have a great R&D team, full of top full stack developers in software field and many experts in hardware field. So, we can develop many products and solutions in-house. We can also learn a lot from each other, which makes me happy.

What are the greatest challenges during your working?

In the department we handle always different projects. It is natural that we encounter some difficulties and challenges, which cannot be predicted in advance. However, these are also the important points that we should learn, so that we will do better next time.

What was your best experience at ZD?

It is of course the time when our team a product or a project successfully completed.

What has been your biggest success at ZD so far?

With all members of the team to complete products and projects one by one.

Facing the management of development projects, what’s your greatest challenge?

I used to finish the development tasks by myself, fortunately, now I have a group of reliable members. Just because of these reliable members, I can spend more time in team communication and have a deepened understanding of their needs and desires.

How do you manage your R&D team?

Our team members manage themselves almost depending on their own. As for development tasks, I would first confirm goals and directions with customers and other departments, then I discuss the plans together with the team members. Every member of the team has their own jobs to be finished.

At this point we would like to thank Chao Su for the interview and his work with us in the Research and Development. If you are interested in any jobs with us, you will find open positions in this Overview.

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